4 Simple ways to cut cravings

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December 26, 2012 by themagicherb



All of us enjoy all that good food during the holidays.. Here are a few tricks to bounce back this season.


  1. Plan your sweats ahead. That way you are in control of how much you actually consume and you’re not depriving yourself. Schedule 3 snacks that you love in your weekly planner.
  2. Take your time and enjoy it. Savor each bite and try to make it last as long as you can.
  3. Find better alternatives. Find something that you enjoy, like peppermint tea, a piece of fruit or a box of raisins for when those cravings hit.
  4. Wait it out. Cravings are like clouds. They come and go. Get busy when you get one. Call a friend, take a walk, or tidy up.  Just try to distract yourself.

Remember: You don’t gain it overnight so don’t expect to lose it overnight either


The Mega Thin Formula helps curb cravings. Just take a capsule when you feel one coming so you can kick it to the curb!!


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