The Ideal Healthy Shopping List


April 6, 2012 by themagicherb


Fruits and vegetables – they are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They also contain high water content. You should make sure to stock up on these especially when trying to drop a few pounds. Good options are apples, oranges, berries, pineapples, pears, avocados, grape fruit, bananas, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, lettuce, kale, cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, celery, and carrots. If you get these in canned form make sure they are low in sodium and sugar.

Meats –they contain protein, B vitamins, iron, and minerals. Good examples are lean beef and burger patties, chicken breast, and white meat turkey. Cold cuts are great for sandwiches too and are low in saturated fats.

Fish –they are also a form of lean protein, but the best ones for you are those that contain omega-3 fatty acids, because its good for your heart. Get salmon, mackerel, or herring.

Beans – they are high in fiber, iron and B vitamins. Add chickpeas, black beans, white beans, lentils, lima beans, or peas to the list.

Eggs– they are a good source of protein and amino acids that help release serotonin that enhances mood. They also help you feel full longer.

Dairy– they are full of protein, calcium, and potassium. Choosing the low fat versions of these are best if your trying to lose weight.  Grab milk, cheese (parmesan is low fat), yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, or cottage cheese.

Seeds and Nuts – they are packed with protein, fiber, monounsaturated fats, and iron.  They are the perfect snack that will keep you feeling full for longer. You should try sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and almonds. Make sure they are unsalted.

Whole Grains – these are high is B vitamins and a good source of fiber. Find whole wheat bread, crackers, pasta, flour, oatmeal, and brown rice.

Snacks – 100 calories snacks and snack bars, popcorn,

Beverages –water, 100% fruit Juice (make sure the juice doesn’t have artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup in it), or iced tea.

When buying canned or boxed soups, and frozen dinners make sure to get the low sodium versions of them. Amy’s, healthy choice, and lean cuisine are great options.


6 thoughts on “The Ideal Healthy Shopping List

  1. sweetopiagirl says:

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  2. Audrey says:

    Shopping the perimeter of the store and not the isles will help too 🙂 Great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. lorrie jackson says:

    I’be been really trying to lose my belly fat can you by any means help me with this

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